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Golf Photographer

Many factors come into play when doing golf photography.
In addition, each golf photographer has his vision and his interpretation of things, but in my opinion as a golf photographer, we can distinguish two main factors. An emotional factor and a technical factor.
On an emotional level, for a golf photo as for a landscape photo, it will be a feeling related to a combination of circumstances between different parameters. The place, the time, the light, are the most obvious factors, but many others can come into play such as dew, a color of grass or flower, a ripple of the golf course, a flight of bird, fog against backlighting … During a golf photography shoot, you have to be constantly on the lookout for this special moment, like a spark of magic that one would want to tell a relative…
Then you have to get that in the box!
This is where the technique comes in. When I speak technical, for me as a golf photographer, it’s about “understanding” his material: the properties of the lenses of his lenses, the diffraction of light, the impact of opening the diaphragm … Understanding this allows you to make the right choice at the right time. The best catches are made at sunrise and sunset. These moments are brief and furtive and when you want to shoot, you must be able to choose instantly the appropriate configuration to get to capture the beauty that is in front of you.
But first and foremost a good golf photo shoot goes through a good tracking and a good tracking is prepared in advance. Depending on the time and the axis of the sunset and the sunrise, we can spot on the golf course a few key places then, on the spot, we adjust according to the perspectives and the specificities of the course, the most characteristic places and the signature holes.
Finally, once there, the golf photographer must always be on the lookout, not stick to his habits and always think of looking “on the other side”. I like this idea that there can always be a photo that we did not think about and let me surprise …

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